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Leave of Absence

I’m taking a leave of absence from graduate school. * collective gasp *

I love being in school. It keeps me grounded and allows me to learn something new.

But I’ve decided to give it up for now so I can make room for new and greater things in my life.

Labo ba? Hahahaha! 

It’s hard to explain (especially because I don’t want to reveal too much). Basically, grad school takes up too much of my time and this affects my social life. It’s not as if I’m a social butterfly but I just want to have time for socialization.

I think it’s time to stop hiding and that I should start venturing out into the unknown (whatever that means).

I’ll be back to finish it but in the meantime, I’m prioritizing other things in my life. 🙂

Secret Paradise

Well, I’m off to a luxurious and upscale paradise. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I’m excited to be here. I can’t tell much because I’m sworn to secrecy but I’m with people I respect.

What I can tell is that this place is breathtakingly beautiful and it’s great for honeymoons. LOL! Mahal lang! 🙂

But I’ll be taking lots of photos and I will share these probably a few months later.

#ThrowbackThursday Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand in 2013. 

This was a special trip because it was one of the very first trips I took after transitioning into a new life. I took the trip with two work colleagues.

It was also the shortest foreign trip I took. Just two full days! We flew out of Manila on Friday night and flew back in Monday early morning. Lagare lang!

Beauty and the Beast, Pope Francis, and CCP

I bought my ticket for Beauty and the Beast many months ago. I was excited to finally see this on stage, given the fact that I loooved the animated version.

When the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines announced the dates of the Papal visit, my BATB is scheduled on the eve of Pope Francis’ public mass at the Quirino Grandstand.

I was not bothered. In fact, I took it as a welcome event because I could camp out in Luneta (my friends and I decided to check in) after watching the play.

And as I looked at the Papal schedule, Pope Francis would be at Tacloban on Jan. 17 so it was all good.

But fate had other plans. I missed the 2 PM showing for a number of reasons. One, my companions were late in meeting me. Second, the Pope changed his schedule because typhoon Amang hit Tacloban. His plane would have to leave Tacloban at 1 PM and he will arrive past 2 PM. This meant road closures and heavy traffic. Third, our cab had a flat tire.

The ticket I bought was expensive but how can you get irritated? It was totally out of control and so I just shrugged it off.

Around 5 PM, I thought of calling CCP to ask if management will honor the ticket from the 2 PM show. Lo and behold! The person who took my call said I should be at the CCP to catch the 8 PM.

I was so happy! Good thing my friends and I were staying in a hotel in Mabini Street so I hailed a cab and went to CCP. Yes, the ticketing office accommodated my ticket and gave me a seat in the same area.

And what did I think of the play? Brilliant! I cried several times while watching because I was so overwhelmed that I’m watching it on stage. I also loved that there were a lot of lines from the animated film that they included in the musical. 

There were also several original songs in the musical, those that were not part of the movie. But I’m glad that “Human Again” was included. That song was cut from the animated film. 🙂

Beauty and the Beast will be part of my #beautiful2015 movies. Thank you to CCP for accommodating my ticket. 🙂

Reading Challenge 2015

I saw this posted by a Facebook groupmate. It’s a reading challenge and a hard one at that!

Admittedly, I have not read a lot of books in the last couple of years. I made a conscious effort to read physical books late 2014 (Going Back to Reading) and I don’t think I’ve had that much success. 🙁 Or maybe pasang-awa kasi I got to read about four books naman in three months.

So, here it is! I aim to achieve at least half. 🙂

Three Actions for 2015

A few days ago, I went to The Reading Room to see Sandy. It was just a random post I saw on my Facebook post and, for some strange reason, I was drawn to it.

Anyhoo, I went to see Sandy and she basically gave me three things to ponder this year.

These things are actually spot on. I’ve been pondering over these three things and it’s uncanny that Sandy was able to read me.

1. Do something physical.
Sandy told me to explore to either pole dancing or belly dancing. There was a third option but I forget. She said this helps strengthen my core. She says that she can see that I’m a passionate person and doing something physical will help me tear down my self-built walls.

Admittedly, I did like attending the Zumba classes offered at work. The songs I like dancing to are the sensual ones. Maybe I can give pole dancing or belly dancing a try.

2. Do charity works.
I’ve been doing this for quite sometime (no need to elaborate what I do) but Sandy says there is one condition–no donation of money or using money to buy stuff. This is challenging because this means I need to put it either time or effort.

I really have to think hard about this. Admittedly, I have been looking for something deeper with my outreach activities. I love sharing my blessings but it doesn’t give me deep satisfaction. I’m surprised that Sandy was able to see this.

I hope I can come up with something soon.

3. Believe that you are beautiful inside and out.
This was, by far, the last thing I expected to hear. Nowhere in our conversation did this appear so I was really surprised to hear her say that. She said I don’t realize how physically beautiful I am and how inspiring I am to people. She said I should start believing it.

There’s only one person I ever shared this sentiment to and Sandy doesn’t know that person at all. When Sandy said this, I was just floored.

Sandy said life is too short and that we should do things that make us happy. She kept repeating that regrets should have no place in our lives.

I’ll make 2015 count.


For the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking of a theme for 2015. Last year was #investinexperience and I did a lot of things that gave me memorable experiences.

I took several trips locally and internationally. I attended several concerts. I even participated in a boudoir shoot.

It was indeed a year full of experience, a year I will not forget.

So what’s the theme for 2015? It’s #beautiful2015. What does this mean to me?

First, it’s about taking care of myself. I’ve always taken pride of the fact that I’m a low-maintenance girl. I have simple tastes in clothes, I don’t wear make-up, I’m pretty much a wash-and-wear girl.

But there’s nothing wrong with looking good and presentable. Taking care of myself a little more this year is one of my goals. This includes regular exercise.

Second, beautiful for me means experiencing beautiful things. It can be visiting a museum to look at beautiful paintings, watching beautiful movies and plays, or traveling to beautiful places.

Third, beautiful means surrounding myself with beauty. I will stop ugly talk and will not engage in ugly talk (this is going to be a big challenge for me). I will stop ugly thoughts about myself and other people.

I will surround myself in all things beautiful. 

At dahil #beautiful2015 ang theme ko, ito ang isa sa pinakamagandang picture ko. Hahahaha! Wala pang make-up yan. LOL! 😀

Ang taray, di ba?

Happy new year to all! I wish you all things bright and beautiful! 🙂