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East Coast White Sand Beach Resort in Anda, Bohol

B and I spent two nights at East Coast White Sand Beach Resort. It’s a very nice place. It has two great views of the sea and several view decks. If you’re looking for a place where you can just relax, East Coast is the place to be.

East Coast has two pools and both have a great view of the sea.
East Coas was so generous that not only did the manager
booked us a triple room, she also gave us a discount.
Every room has a stunning view of the sea.
Just one of the many view decks in East Coast

East Coast also has a nice well-manicured lawn. I totally forgot to take a photo but B and I agree that it would make a great venue for intimate weddings. Siguro, puwedeng pang-30 guests lang. 🙂

Off the Beaten Path: Anda, Bohol

I wanted to have a birthday getaway and B wanted to just get away. So without much planning, we booked our tickets and accommodations and voila, we reached Anda, Bohol!

The sleepy town of Anda is about two hours away from Tagbilaran. But even with the long commute, it’s all worth it because Anda is such a beautiful place, in every sense of the word. You love Boracay? You’ll love Anda even more. This remote town boasts of fine white sand that would give Boracay a run for its money. 

I love Anda more than Boracay because it’s not yet commercialized, which means fewer people and less trash. Yung public beach mismo ng Anda is gorgeous and without boats obstructing your view.

If you want peace and quiet, Anda is the place to be. B and I just read, wrote, ate, and swam. 

And we love that East Coast White Sand Beach Resort is such a gorgeous place. Good food, good amenities, good view, and good staff!

Here are some photos I took:

Anda’s sunset is a burst of colors
The calm Anda waters
Anda’s public beach. It boasts of white fine sand
that would give Boracay a run for its money.

How to get to Anda
1. From Tagbilaran airport, take a trike that would bring you to the GT Express terminal.
2. Hop on a GT Express bound for Guindulman. Ask the driver to drop you off at Guindulman Public Market.
3. From Guindulman Public Market, take a trike to bring you to your resort.

Airfare* (via Cebu Pacific) = P4,200 
Trike (from Tagbilaran Airport to GT Express terminal = P50 per pax
GT Express to Guindulman = P120 per pax
Trike to East Coast Resort = P75 per pax
Accommodations** = P2,500 per pax (Two-night stay, twin bed, free breakfast) 
Meals = P150 to P300 per pax per meal 

* We splurged on the plane fare a little because we only booked our flights a few days before our trip.
* East Coast’s minimum rate is P3,000 per room per night. But East Coast was so generous to give us a discount and even book us a triple room. Thank you, East Coast!!!

It’s my first time in Bohol and I didn’t get a chance to see the usual tourist spots. But who cares? I would go back to Anda anytime!

Time Out

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. You need time to recharge, reflect and reminisce. You need an alone-time to think and figure out what you really want in your life. You need time to make sense of your life.

Life Lesson for the Day

Isn’t this a beautiful reminder? Follow your passion and work hard to make your dreams come true. Or marry someone rich and make him fulfill your dreams. LOL! 😀

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Real Problems of a Graduate Student

I was reading some contributions on Thought Catalog and 26 Fun Facts about Grad School caught my eye. I definitely could relate to some items but some are foreign to me. Maybe because it was written from the point of view of full-time grad student.

I’ve always been a part-time grad student. I have to because I have a full-time job, which pays for my tuition. Having been a graduate student for 12 years, siguro naman I have the right to write a similar piece. LOL!

So here are 10 real problems of a graduate student (albeit part-time):

1. “What the hell was I thinking?” is a question that you often ask yourself. This and “Why do I even bother?”

2. Once or twice a week, you will feel guilty for leaving the office earlier. Undertime and offset are words you regularly use.

3. You will always feel overwhelmed because you have to juggle school and office deadlines.

4. Sem break is something you look forward to except the sem break before you take your compre or thesis.

5. You will learn to squeeze in socialization in your super busy schedule. This can be a quick lunch or coffee with your friend. Or late dinner after your class.

6. Your wallet will hurt. The expenses you incur from paying your tuition and going to class once or twice a week will hurt.

7. The library will be your favorite tambayan.

8. You will hate professors who are bookish and do not provide real-life application of concepts.

9. You will dislike classmates, who are in graduate school because they are in-between jobs, do not want to get a real job yet, or are children of owners (COO) who do not have work experience yet. You will feel superior over them (whether rightly or wrongly).

10. You will always wonder whether graduate school is worth it.

Top 15 Movies

There’s this Facebook tagging chain mail thingie that’s been going around the past couple of weeks. There was the 10 books that influenced your life and now, the top 15 movies of your life.

I love this kind of chain mail because it shows a bit of my friends’ personalities and I also get to relive some of my happy childhood memories. So, while I posted my top 15 movies on my Facebook account, I’m also blogging it here.

1. Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins is perhaps my most favorite Disney movie of all time. I watched this when I was a child, thanks to my dad. This is where I discovered snow globes.

2. Little Mermaid
It’s also my dad, who introduced this to me. Betamax pa noon. Hahaha! 

3. Beauty and the Beast
Just like the first two movies, my dad introduced Beauty and the Beast to me. I remember that Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Alladin were released after the other. Among the three, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite. I love that Belle is an ambitious character, who wanted much more than a provincial life.

4. Mulan
I love movies that have strong and independent female characters. Mulan is one of the very few Disney films that show female empowerment. I don’t really like films where the women just want to get married. I like it when women are strong-spirited and have lofty goals.

5. Train of Life
I first saw this in college when my friend and I attended an international film festival. I loved the film so much that I looked for its DVD (with English subtitles) for 12 years! Yes, 12 years! The only copy available then was in VHS format and comes with Spanish subtitles only.

If you’ve seen Life is Beautiful, it’s a ripoff of this. Life is Beautiful ain’t got nothing with Train of Life.

6. Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang
This joins the list because this is the very first movie I saw in a theater.

7. While You Were Sleeping
I love Sandra Bullock but I also love the Florence snow globe.

8. The Full Monty
Just like Train of Life, I saw The Full Monty during an international film festival. What a brilliant and funny film. This also started my preference of British cinema over Hollywood films. Mas witty and mas matalino ang mga British films.

9. Bridget Jones Diary
Colin Firth

10. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Colin Firth

11. Love Actually
Colin Firth. LOL! 😀 Okay, I love Love Actually because it’s fascinating how Richard Curtis can tell several love stories in just one film. This is just one happy movie.

12. Sliding Doors
I told you I love British films! Before Bridget Jones, there was Sliding Doors. I love, love, love Sliding Doors because it shows you that seemingly mundane moments in life can be life-changing. Even missing the train can lead you to an unexpected path.

In my case, it was one breakfast with a dear friend that led me to where I am now. 

13. Shake, Rattle and Roll 1
Totally scared the bejabbers out of me lalo na yung manananggal episode. I remember having nightmares after watching it. This movie had such a huge impact on me that I hate watching horror films.

14. May Minamahal
This Aga-Aiko film is a favorite Filipino film. It has a clean, believable plot. It was so unlike other mainstream Pinoy films released during that time. Gusto ko din kasi yung idea na ipaglalaban ako. Charot! Hahaha!

15. Minsan Minahal Kita
My list won’t be complete without a Sharon Cuneta film. I’m a certified Sharonian and this is the best and most heartbreaking Sharon movie ever. Of course, it’s about infidelity and physical violence but I just love how Sharon Cuneta shed off her pa-tweetums image to play this role.

And the last scene of the movie? Ah, sobrang feel-good!

How about you? What’s your top 15 movies?

When the Walking Dead Tweets You

Yes, The Walking Dead’s official Twitter account tweeted me! This was a day before the fifth season was aired. Sure, it appears that the account tweeted the same text to anyone who used #thewalkingdead so medyo spammer. But still… 😀

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