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Soul Pancake and the Single Life

YouTube is one of the top search engines in the Philippines. 

Yes, Filipinos use YouTube as a search engine. I’m not really into YouTube unless I watch replays of The Voice Kids Philippines or I upload our products TV ads on our YouTube channel

But there is one YouTube channel that I really love: Soul Pancake. It is the creation of Rainn Wilson, that actor from The Office (US version). To me, I remember Rainn Wilson as that weird character in “Six Feet Under.”

I love Soul Pancake because it discusses “spirituality, creativity, religion, arts, and philosophy” (Wikipedia entry).” More importantly, it spreads happiness through its videos.

One of its recent videos is The Single Life. It talks about how we all desire to be with someone whose values we deem important: honesty, integrity, kindness, etc.

A challenge was posted to the respondents as they were asked to call their person of interest (people they’re currently dating or interested with) to tell them why they like them.

Ang hirap, ah! But all of them did it. In their words, the experience was liberating, freeing.

Ah, this video brings back memories eons ago when I mustered the courage to tell someone I like him. Most frightening thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was stupid, brave, idiotic, and liberating.

Unfortunately, nothing came out of it but a badly beaten and bruised broken heart. Wahahaha! Sorry naman! Real life is nothing like the movies. Just because you told someone you love him doesn’t mean he will also tell you that he loves you.

Telling someone you like him is a big risk but it’s worth doing it at least once in your life. Sugal lang kasi hindi mo alam kung gusto ka din nya or hindi. But jump, anyway. 🙂

My Digital Journey So Far

The Journey! LOL!

I want to document my digital journey but I couldn’t find a photo that’s free to use and share (don’t want to infringe on any copyrighted material) so my Google search came up with this. 😀

Working in the digital field was never my plan. Back then, digital was something I did on my free time. Digital wasn’t even considered “real work.”

But God brings you to different life paths and exposes you to things that will eventually lead you to something. One of these paths took me to the digital world.

When I look back at my life, I could plot my digital journey and how I started here. It’s amazing to realize that all those pro-bono work I did online would culminate with my work as a digital marketer.

1999: When I got my first email. My brother created a Yahoo! mail for me. Although Gmail is my default email now, I still keep that email address for posterity.

Sa Yahoo! din ako natuto tumambay sa chat rooms, back when Yahoo! had chat rooms. I remember chatting regularly with someone who was studying then at University of California Irvine.


2000: It was my first time to write for an online publication. The guy I was dating then was writing for Oows, a youth website by Business World Online. I remember earning quite a nice sum of money from Oows and I still have the printed copies of these articles, tucked somewhere in my portfolio.

Around this time, I also discovered online forums. I was a tambay at GirlTalk, which is surprisingly still around. Hanging out at forums taught me to be patient (daming trolls), and how to be a troll (pang-asar sa mods). I also learned to observe how people behave online.


2002: I remember creating a super pangit website, thanks to Geocities. Hindi pa uso noon ang Blogger. I created it because it was required in our MBA class.


2003: I think this was the time I created an account on Friendster. Of all the online properties, ito yung hindi ko masyadong feel. The novelty of Friendster quickly wore out. Walang masyadong magawa, eh, and spam quickly invaded the site.


2004: I joined a Yahoogroups group because I was preparing to transition to a new life. I was pretty active here and in just a few months, Mimma promoted me to be one of the moderators. Like hanging out in online forums, I got to observe the different online behaviors of people.

At work, I was involved in developing our corporate website. This was my first taste on handling an honest-to-goodness digital project.


2006: I left that Yahoogroups group and graduated to the next level. That group is still under Mimma. And just like before, I was promoted to become one of the mods. Libre lahat yung trabahong yun, ah. Hahaha! It was something I did for fun.

Around this time, I also became active in PinoyMoneyTalk, an online community that shares information about personal finance. Naging mod din ako dito.

I also dabbled with Multiply although just like in Friendster, the novelty of blogging quickly wore off.


2008: I created my first Facebook account. This was where I learned a lot about online behavior and how to tweak my security settings. LOL! I learned how to block people on Facebook. 😀

I also started a blog called Pinay and Money. I was (and still am) a fan of Suze Orman and I wanted to share my knowledge online. This was my first taste of blogging. This, plus GirlTalk, allowed me to meet a lot of bloggers, including Teeyah.


2009: My colleague and I created the digital accounts for our company. It was an experiment lang because back then, di pa uso sa mga Philippine brands na magkaroon ng presence online. Malay ba namin kung saan papunta ito.


2010: I was formally transferred to work on corporate digital. I was handling internal comm for six years and my boss then said I should try handling digital naman. 

One of the projects I remain proud of is Unilab Active Health. Yes, I created the social media accounts of ULAH, the brand behind the hugely successful Run United.

Before ULAH, we had the Run United for Wellness page, which had about 1,000+ fans. When we held the second Run United, the Unilab Active Health brand was created and I migrated all fans to the new page. 

For about two more years, I managed the page until the new team finally got the hang of it and managed it themselves. Win! 🙂

It was also around this time when I went back to freelancing. To be quite honest, I was forced to go back to freelancing because I had to provide for someone. Heniway…

I also went back to blogging, courtesy of Women’s Central. This was the year that I was active in the blogging community and got even invited to a lot of brand events. All the learning and observations helped me in becoming who I am today.


2012-2013: I created and managed other social media accounts in the office like CarbTrim, Pure ‘n Fresh, Celeteque, Asian Secrets, Asian Secrets Whitening Spa, among others. Some social media accounts I created and managed have been deactivated na but some still remain.


2014: Fast forward to 2014, I made a name in digital marketing in the office. I am still learning as I go along and don’t have any illusions that I am great at what I do. I am and will always be a student of digital.

It was a journey that I didn’t realize would take me to where I am today. I love what I do and I love that I get paid to do what I love to do. I’m excited where this journey would take me.

#ThrowbackThursday: Love Me Again

Regine Velasquez was one of my ultimate favorite singers. I so loved her that I never miss a concert and I knew almost all of her songs to heart. I also consumed a lot of write-ups about her. Fanatic lang ang peg! 😀

That was before news about her and Ogie Alcasid being together broke out. Long story short, she stopped being one of my favorite singers. 

Anyhoo, “Love Me Again” is my favorite Regine song. She sang this when she was still Chona Velasquez. Here is one of the very few times that she sang this. Effortless si ate. Nakatayo lang habang nagbe-belt. Enjoy!

Husay at Malasakit

I’m a proud employee of my company. I’ve been working here for more than 10 years and I love, love, love what I do.

We just recently launched our corporate campaign. This is the first campaign in three years and I’m proud to be part of the team that developed this.

“Husay at Malasakit” is who we are and what we do. Along with Bayanihan, these are the values that made our company the leading pharmaceutical company since the 1950s.

Those who know what our company is and who are employees are would attest that we have big hearts, complemented with compassion. 

I always read articles trumpeting how it’s so great to work in Google, Facebook, Colgate, etc. And my bubble thought is always, “You don’t know what it’s like to work in our company!” 🙂

Anyway, here’s our TV ad. We are coming out with more implementations on how we show Husay at Malasakit. Watch out for it!

Thankful Sunday: a Trip, a Compliment and a Whole Lot of Food

I’ve been neglecting to write a couple of Thankful Sunday posts because of a lot of things on my plate. Yeah, I know everyone’s busy blah, blah, blah. I should really learn to prioritize my time.

For the past week, here’s what I am most thankful for.

1. Celine Dion concert
I was so excited to watch Celine Dion‘s concert here in Manila. I even bought a ticket already.

Unfortunately, Celine Dion had to cancel because of her husband’s poor health. This means I get to refund the money I paid for the ticket.

And to SM Tickets’ credit, it already had a system in place to refund the payment. Galing! 

So, why am I still thankful for this? Because the refund would allow me to buy a ticket for Beauty and the Beast. 🙂

2. CDO trip
Office sent me to CDO for a two-day business trip. I’ve always liked CDO. I don’t know what it is about that place but I like the vibe of the city. Not too stressful, not too relaxed, not too urbanized, but not too rural. Just the right balance of everything.

I didn’t get to do much touring but it was very nice to meet our field personnel in CDO. They were very accommodating and really treated me well.

3. Food, food, food
The CDO trip was like a food feast. I was treated to a sumptuous lunch at Red Tail, which is just a stone’s throw away from Mallberry Hotel. The seafood dishes were the best. Sorry, no pics kasi gutom na gutom na kami, eh. 

One of our PSRs also accompanied us (including A and D) for pasalubong shopping. I bought a lot of lanzones and pastel. Sarap!

4. Dinner with B
B and I had dinner two weeks ago. Now that B is based in Muntinlupa, it’s more seldom that she gets to go to Ortigas. So when she texted me that she’s in Greenhills, I decided to just be absent at school so we can have dinner.

As always, dinner with B is full of conversation about anything and everything.

5. Compliment
Just yesterday, I received an email from Boss Daddy. Basically, Big Daddy just said that I’m an excellent digital resource. It feels good to receive compliments from my boss. It’s an affirmation that they know and appreciate what I do for the company and they acknowledge my competence.

But I also take that compliment as a challenge, to continue improving and leveling up my game. 

Oh, my former intern also visited me and complimented me. Sabi nya, di pa din ako nagbabago since nag-OJT sya nung 2010. At ang blooming ko daw. Chos! Hahaha! 😀

How was your week?

Of Back-Ups and Deleting

According to my laptop, I only have 84.6 GB free disk space. Medyo madami pa but I noticed that medyo slow na ang response ng laptop ko. 

I have literally thousands of photos in my laptop, many of which are trips with friends and loved ones. But I decided that I need to back these photos up… just in case.

So as I’m diligently backing up everything, which includes categorizing them properly, I also thought of backing up photos in my past life. 

I never deleted them, mind you, because these were from my past. No matter how painful those years were, they contribute to who I am now. Ang ganda ko pa naman dun! LOL! 😀

But I will delete these photos after I finished backing them up. They will be hidden in a secret email and they will slowly fade into distant memory. Naks! LOL! 😀

I enjoyed my time backing up all the photos I have in my laptop. Seeing some of them are cathartic while some photos made me nostalgic. 

But many photos gave me those fuzzy warm feelings because those were memories shared with some of my dearest friends. Trips we took many years back, restaurants we tried, etc.

Good times, good times. 🙂

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#ThrowbackThursday: Landslide

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo have officially tied the knot two weeks ago (cue: girls weeping their hearts out). 

News reports indicate that Stevie Nicks sang for the couple. Ah, Stevie Nicks… 

“Landslide” is my favorite song from Fleetwood Mac, the British-American rock band that Stevie Nicks led. It talks about finding oneself at the midst of life-changing events. Minsan may panahon sa buhay mo na sabay-sabay dumadating ang mga bagay–break-ups, money problems, etc.

But while I love Stevie Nicks, I love the Smashing Pumpkins version more. It was more heartfelt for me and I like that it’s a guy that sang this. 

Gwyneth Paltrow also has a cover version, which she sang for Glee. It was good, too, but I believe Smashing Pumpkins has the better version.


Here’s to Second Chances: Anne and Chiro

Here’s to second chances…

This video is from Jason Magbanua and here’s what he posted on his Facebook page:

Ang videong ito…

ay para sa mga taong umibig 
at nabigo
At umibig uli
Para sa mga nasaktan
At nasaktan uli
Para sa hindi nadala
Para sa nawalan ng pag-asa
Baka meron pa. 
Kahit katiting
Sa mga kinasal na 
Pero hindi nag-work-out. 
Sa may mga anak na.
Pero single pa rin.
Para sa naghanap pa
Para sa naghihintay
Para sa nanonood ng wedding video 
Ng mga taong hindi mo naman kilala
Kasi nagbibigay ng saya
Kahit tatlong minuto lang
Kahit para kang tanga
Nakiki-iyak ka, 
Hindi mo naman ka-anu-ano
Para sa mga umaasa pa sa isang happy ending. 

Higit sa lahat, para kay Anne (at Chiro)
Na umibig, nasaktan at sumubok uli.

(At tinupad ang huling pangako sa kanyang Mommy)