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In Love with The Mindy Project

I am late in joining The Mindy Project bandwagon. Even when my friend MindyTV raves about the show on her Twitter feed, I wasn’t really that inspired to watch.

I tried to catch some Season 1 episodes at 2nd Avenue but I found Mindy Lahiri to be a little bit annoying. But for some strange reason, I follow Mindy Kaling on Twitter and I get excited when MindyTV gives updates on the TV show.

So even though I was annoyed with Dr. L, I was updated on the development of her lives, including the Secret Santa dance of Dr. C and the Season 2 finale.

I finally gave in and watched The Mindy Project from the very start. And what can I say? I fell absolutely in love with it.

I mean, I love a lot of shows. My favorite TV shows of all time are (in order of love) 1) Will & Grace 2) Psych 3) The Walking Dead 4) The Newsroom.

The Mindy Project, from the middle of Season 1, floored me. I love the pop culture references, the funny lines, and how relatable the characters are. 

I love that Dr. L is so smart and successful in what she does and yet can be so ignorant when it comes to the matters of the heart. She dates douchebags and can be damn clueless on people who care for her.

The Mindy Project is unabashedly in love with rom-coms and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I love that it uses a lot of references to a lot of popular films like Gone with the Wind, Nora Ephron movies, Bridget Jones Diary, etc.

I mean, these are movies I really, really love.

Watching The Mindy Project is like watching one very long rom-com and you can’t help but root for Mindy. And I love that Season 2 ends up with Danny and Mindy getting back together.

I’m so in love with the show. So in love that I watch vital Danny and Mindy moments together. And that final scene at the Empire State Building? Memorize ko na yung lines nilang dalawa. 😀

I’m happy that The Mindy Project will have Season 3. I can’t wait. 

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We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve

A wife creates a dummy Facebook account to disparage the mistress of her philandering husband.

A single woman hooks up with a married man.

Another wife creates a blog about the affair of her husband.

A single woman doesn’t give a damn that her married boyfriend still hasn’t legally separated with his wife.


The members of the FB group I belong to discussed these different real-life situations (no names involved!). We all wondered why these women allow their partners to treat them shabbily. 

More importantly, why do these women choose to stay in abusive relationships? If their partners are such assholes, then why bother running after them? Why can’t they cut ties and allow themselves a real shot at happiness?

A powerful quote from a beautiful book.

Subconsciously, do these women believe that yun lang ang klase ng pagmamahal na karapat-dapat sa kanila? That’s the level of love they deserve (if you can call it love)?

Don’t get me wrong. Some men are like this, too. They don’t value themselves enough to leave an abusive relationship.

What’s even harder to fathom sometimes is that some of these women are smart, accomplished, and highly skilled. Pero pagdating sa love, toinks talaga! Kulang na lang pukpukin mo sa ulo para matauhan (asa!).

Even when you try to reason out with them, they would always make an excuse for their partners. Minsan, ibbrush off ka and would say, “Ay, basta!”

I guess it’s human nature that we turn a blind eye when we are in love. But yun nga, I hope we can really think long and hard on the kind of love we think we deserve.

Thankful Sunday: Busy, busy, busy

It’s been quite a busy week, both professionally and personally. No complaints because it means things are moving along.

I had to attend to a lot of meetings and preparations for work. This meant a lot of emailing, logistics planning, and consultation.

But I’m glad that things are proceeding smoothly. And I hope I can accomplish more in the coming weeks.

How was your week?

Everyday Rudeness

We are all guilty of this, random acts of rudeness. Most of the time, we don’t realize that we are being rude to other people. 

Sometimes, you also don’t notice when other people are being rude and so you let it slide. But some acts of rudeness can be so damn annoying. But more than anything, this is a reminder to myself to be more courteous of others.

1. Talking loudly when there are other people who can hear you.

2. Interrupting while someone else is talking.

3. Starting every reply with “hindi,” “pero,” “kasi.”

4. Being PDA when there are people around you.

5. Being late.

6. Not informing that you’ll be late.

7. Making other people uncomfortable because you’re not including them in the conversation.

8. Speaking in a language/dialect that is not understood by other people in the room.

9. Asking for pasalubong and then when you give the pasalubong someone says, “Mas masarap yung chicharon ng Bulacan.”

10. Status updates in a different language or dialect. Learn to customize your Facebook settings.

11. Sharing on social media how excited you are for an upcoming trip when someone comments, “Ay, hindi na maganda diyan nung pumunta kami.”

12. Not entertaining your guest.

So far, these are the things I can think of. I’ll probably do a part two.

Thankful Sunday: Gift of Health

The heat is a bitch!

I don’t get sick often. Proof of that is my maximum 60-day sick leave in the office. 

In fact, I’ve accumulated 68.5 days of sick leave because I rarely get sick.

But the heat was just really bad last week and tinumba nya talaga ako.

I had to take a two-day sick leave from work. I had sore throat, cough, and cold. When I returned to work last Wednesday, I was still feeling under the weather.

Anyway, I’m thankful that it was a very minor sickness. Nothing that complete rest wouldn’t cure. And I’m thankful for the company I work for because of the effective medicines we manufacture.

Health is wealth talaga.

How was your week?

#ThrowbackThursday: #thankyoumoreplease

This is technically not a #ThrowbackThursday entry but looking back at my life, especially the last 1 1/2 years, I can really, really say that God has blessed me in unimaginable ways.

I bought this necklace a month after my life changed for the better. Although I no longer wear this, I still keep it as a reminder of how thankful I am for what life and God have given me.

It’s also a reminder that no matter what difficulties I may face, God will continue blessing my life.

Third Wheel

Nothing feels more awkward than to be with a couple that makes you feel like a third wheel.

You know what I mean. They’re the couple who makes you and everyone else in the room stop existing. They are the couple that prefers to stay in a corner while everybody else chats, drinks, eat, and just have a good time.

They are the couple that even when they are with friends, they can’t stop touching each other (get a room!). They are the couple that makes you wonder, “Bakit ba sumama pa sila kung hindi din naman sila makikipag-socialize sa amin?”

But don’t get me wrong. Hindi lang couples ang gumagawa nito. There are those na hindi pa officially couple that makes you feel the same way. They are the ones na all they do is talk to each other. And when they engage you in conversation, the topic is still about them.

Alam mo yun? The guy is still courting your friend and your friend introduced you to each other. Instead of just having a good time, all the guy does is ask information about your friend (yung nililigawan) and the friend is just there!

I mean, if you want to know something about your friend, eh di itanong mo na diretso. Nasa harapan mo na, eh!

There’s something offensive about people who make others feel like the third wheel. It’s rude to just huddle in one corner and spend the entire night without talking to other people. It’s inappropriate to keep being touchy with each other because there are other people around you. Medyo konting finesse lang.

And it’s inappropriate to talk to your loved ones in “baby talk” when there are people who can hear you. Again, medyo konting finesse.

The best couples are those who know the world does not revolve around them. During gatherings, they engage with others as individuals and not as boyfriends-girlfriends. They talk about topics that do not revolve around their relationship. 

They discuss ideas that make them who they are as a person. They ask questions and they are interested to know other people in the room. That’s what makes them great.

Cotivas, Matukad and Calagikhik Islands in Caramoan

We visited a total of nine islands in Caramoan. Each island has something great to offer visitors not just in terms of swimming but also scenery and photo opps. 

From the Gota (that’s the first) side, we visited Matukad, Sandbar, Cotivas, Sabitang Laya, and Hunongan. From the sentro side, we visited Horandayan, Kalagikhik, Asuang, and Tinago. 

I “divided” the islands according to sides to give you an idea on the length of boat travel if you’re coming from either Gota side or sentro side. If you’re on Gota and want to go to Cotivas, it would take you about an hour. If you come from the sentro side, travel time would be one and a half hours.

From the nine islands, my top three islands are Cotivas, Matukad, and Kalagikhik. If you’re staying in Gota Village, you have to make a special request from the staff so that the bangkero would take you to Cotivas and Kalagikhik since this is not usually included in Gota’s island hopping itinerary.

Gota is a stretch of fine sand. There are no structures in the island except for a few makeshift kubo. Make sure you bring chips and drinks when you go here because there are no sari-sari stores here. 

On second thought, ditch the drinks. Buy fresh buko from the caretaker. It’s P25 per buko and you can even ask her to scrape the coconut meat after. There’s nothing refreshing than drinking fresh buko juice on a scorching day.

The tide was low when we went to Cotivas. After taking a few photos, I just dipped in the water for a few minutes and then just laid on the sand and savor the surroundings.

Matukad Island, meanwhile, is the closest island from Gota Village. It’s great for swimming. We were just unlucky that when we visited it, it was raining hard so I didn’t get to take a lot of photos.

My Miss Universe pose. Wehehehe! World peace! 🙂

Matukad is about 20 minutes from Gota Village. You can choose to bring your chips and drinks or just go back to Gota Village for lunch (if you’re staying there).

The third is Kalagikhik. The island is closer to the sentro side and would only take about 20 minutes. We were lucky to visit Kalagikhik on a sunny day and there were no people on the island except for two caretakers. Other than that, we had the whole island to ourselves for four hours.

Kalagikhik offers rows of coconut trees. These are great for cover especially when you just want to lie on the sand and relish the view.

This exact moment–lying down on the sand with my favorite music playing on my iPhone–is etched in my memory. This was a perfect moment.

And to further remember this time, here’s what I wrote on the sand.

Thankful Sunday: Sights, Touch, Sounds, and Taste

I didn’t get to write my Thankful Sunday last week because I was too damn tired. Office declared a four-day weekend and so I packed my bags and left.

Here are the things I was thankful for the last two weeks:

1. Trips
I flew to the Visayas for a quick getaway. The place was beautiful and I spent the entire day just admiring the view. The trip could have been a little better but I was just thankful to be someplace new.

I wish I could go back to that place with my dearest friends.

2. Good food
An office event required us to go to Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm. I’ve always liked that place because of how the people are so passionate in uplifting the lives of those who need it.

More than that and for selfish reasons, I got to buy one of my favorite chocolates–Theo and Philo. Sure, I can buy these from Echo Store but well, nandun na ako, eh. 🙂

I was also pleasantly surprised that Bayani Brew now has a new flavor. I didn’t like its lemongrass tea then because I felt the tanglad taste was too strong. This one–Purple Leaf–tastes light and nice.

3. Gift
Friends know my love for traveling and I’m always happy when friends remember to buy fridge magnet for me. I love how thoughtful my friends are and I’m thankful for having them in my life. 🙂

This Tam-Awan fridge magnet comes from Badet, the lady behind the popular Badudets. Thank you, B! 🙂 

4. Catch-up week.
Just this week, I meet with several friends for catch-up. First was CDC when he PM’d me about Run United 2. Turns out CDC has been bitten by the running bug!

I’ve known CDC since we were in high school and we’ve stayed in touch over the years. CDC also now knows my current state. Wehehe!

I also had dinner with AGM and MS. AGM was once my direct report but has been transferred to a different division. It was nice to catch up with her and know what’s going on in her life.

Finally, I met with a couple of barkadas from high school. JCC’s dad passed away and she just flew in from UK, where she, her husband and daughter are residing. I missed JDC and MMM very much. I visited MMM last year but I haven’t seen JDC in five years.

I wished I didn’t have to meet them under sad circumstances but I’m just glad to see them.

How was your week?

#ThrowbackThursday: Pahiyas

May is the feast of San Isidro de Labrador, more popularly known as Pahiyas Festival in Quezon. In 2010, work colleagues and I went to Quezon for an office event. We had a side trip, as well.

Some of the creations made of rice.

La Pieta and the huge Jesus Christ statue in Kamay ni Hesus.