2014 Motto: #investinexperience

This year’s theme is #investinexperience. A female executive once told us that it is important to spend your money on memories instead of things. Experiences are what enriches your life and make you a better and wiser person. 

So even when some experiences may involve quite a sum of money, the rewards are always more than what you invested in the first place.

2013 was an epic year. I was awarded our equivalent of Best Employee. I traveled to many different places. I also received an industry award. Last year was a blessed year but 2014 is turning out to be an even grander year.

Every day is a happy day. Work is immensely satisfying and I’m just waiting for my promotion papers to be approved. Get-together with friends and family are regular fares. I’m also doing great in school. 

I have a great life! #thankyoumoreplease

So, following my #investinexperience theme, I’d like to highlight at least one activity I did per month.

My friends and I have been waiting for Wicked to come to Manila. And when it was announced that it is FINALLY happening, Blanche purchased our tickets right away. Yeah, talk about having low EQ! Hah!

So we all trooped to CCP on a Sunday. We agreed to arrive much earlier than the 7:30 time because (malas lang) that it’s also the same day of the Sto. Nino parade.

It was a brilliant show. I regretted that we didn’t buy the more expensive tickets but no complaints there. Wicked was absolutely wicked.

There’s something about plays and musicals that fascinate me. I’ve always loved watching these kinds of production even in college and I’m glad I got to rekindle this love.

My favorite song from Wicked has always been “For Good.” It never fails to make me cry because it talks about losing a friend that you love so much. I had my fair share of that so alam na. 🙂

Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed for good


Three days were spent in the land of old and new. I was able to do two things in my bucket list: eat authentic xiao long bao and have my photo taken in one of our regional offices.

Despite the fact that it was freezing cold, I enjoyed that trip because I was with friends. It was fun exploring a place we all visited for the first time.

This is my favorite photo of that place. We joked a lot and said that the stunning architecture in that city can be considered a prelude to our dream European trip. Papasa na, di ba?

In between those major life experiences, there are others that are just as memorable: dinner with friends, online and offline conversations, and more.

I do look forward to more life experiences in the coming months. As early as now, my calendar is booked solid with trips. Wehehehe! And we have more activities planned in the office.

So, how’s the year going for you so far?