10 Lessons I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago

Why 10 years ago? Because I was about to make a life-changing decision then. I already knew some of these lessons 10 years ago but I knew them logically. I didn’t take them to heart.

Now that I’m much older and I hope a little bit wiser, I am taking these lessons more seriously. After all, I’m about to change my life again. 🙂

1. Money doesn’t buy you class nor breeding.
The best people I know don’t have much money (or didn’t start out with a lot) but they are the classiest and the nicest people ever. They treat others equally and with respect and dignity. They do not look down on people, period.

At the end of the day, it’s all about integrity and that is something you cannot buy.

2. Office titles don’t define who you are.
Some people are so focused on getting the executive titles–manager, director, vice president, etc. After you clocked out from work, those titles don’t mean a thing. You are just like everyone else–mother, father, sister, friend, cousin, etc. Those are the more important roles in your life.

3. Don’t lose yourself.
There’s nothing wrong with exploring new things but you should have a clear picture of who you are, what you like and do not like, what you want and do not want, what you stand for, and what you will never tolerate. 

Even when you find someone to love, don’t change yourself to fit what he or she likes. Be your wonderful you.

4. Keep moving forward.
No one should live in the past. Whatever achievements you earned in your past–college life, former jobs, old relationships–don’t dwell on them. Instead, strive to be better. Be a better you, do better things, achieve greater things.

5. Love your family.
Your family are those you are biologically connected with. Your friends are the family you choose. I’m lucky to have both. Whatever happens, your family will always be there to support you.

6. Believe in yourself.
Sometimes we think we do not deserve to be happy or to have beautiful things. Don’t let negative things defeat you. Believe that you deserve a good life. Believe that you can achieve great things. Believe in yourself.

7. Trust in God.
Whatever happens, trust in God (or whatever Higher Being you believe in). Never stop praying.

8. Save money.
Money doesn’t buy you happiness, sure. But money will help you achieve a lot of things, whether it’s that dream vacation, clothes you need to wear for an interview, dinners (fancy or otherwise) with friends, etc. Many people see money as a necessary evil but I never think of money that way. 

Money will allow you to enjoy a lot of things in your life, including creating happy memories with your loved ones. Money doesn’t buy happiness pero hindi ka din naman magiging masaya kung gutom ka at ang pamilya mo.

9. It’s okay to lose someone.
Nothing is permanent and at the course of your life, you will meet and lose a lot of people. These can be friends, lovers, colleagues, etc. However brief they stayed in your life and no matter how hard your life was when you were with them, be thankful that they came. People come into your life because you have something to learn.

10. Always be grateful.
A grateful heart attracts more blessings. Enuf said.